congrats to ben kato & FIST IN THE POCKET for Drama Desk Nomination

drama desk nomination…

outstanding lighting design of a play, ben kato, “Washing Machine”:

Drama Desk Link

not bad for a little company on its first outing…everyone's work on the thing was stunning! and ben's work is truly beautiful! congrats!!


brendan & statue posing

norway. it’s a ponderous little country. it’s also stunningly beautiful! Wandering through the Vigeland Sculpture Park with friend and colleague – the always poised Brendan McCall.

brendan & tone at a cafe

having coffee with an extraordinary young artist we had the pleasure to work with while we were teaching in Oslo. Tone Pyromama Malina Brustad!! If I have my druthers – we’ll be working with her on a solo piece of hers here in NYC soon. I’m looking at doing a companion piece to it. Very exciting stuff!!

more to come very soon when I get some free time!